Teaching career pathway 

Activities range from access to formal qualifications, placements in other Trust schools, Trust-wide network groups, and specific courses and training, to 1:1 sessions with the Trust CEO. 


If you need it - and we can do it - it happens.  

We take your career seriously...

At every stage in your teaching career, we are behind you. Our 'Teaching Career Pathway' is part of being in our family - if you want to progress, we will help you to reach your aspiration, whether that is being a headteacher, or an outstanding classroom practitioner: our professional development pathway has it covered. 

All staff are at some point on the pathway - with clear expectation, support and experiences guaranteed at every level. 

The future of our teachers, is the future of the Trust

Sample pages from our Pathway document. 

Our next priority is to develop similar pathways for other key workforces across the Trust, such as Teaching Assistants.