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school improvement and partnership

School Improvement Approach

School improvement is at the heart of our Trust – we want to make a positive difference to the lives of our children by making their schools the best that they can be. As such, we have a dedicated centralised school improvement team – aligned with collegiate and network led school improvement – creating genuine system leadership across our schools.

Sharing our 5 values of aspiration, inclusion, service, culture and being ethical at all levels, ensures a seamless approach which is proportionately supportive and challenging but most of all ‘personalised’ to the needs of the school and its staff.

Our central team…
Our centralised School Improvement team consists of our CEO, Deputy CEO (with responsibility for school improvement) and our School Improvement Lead – all are executive headteachers across our Trust.

All of the team have a wealth of experience in headship in a variety of settings and have worked across many types of schools between them. The CEO is an experienced leadership coach, programme designer and quality assurer for NPQ programmes across the country.


The deputy CEO is an experienced executive headteacher who has secured outstanding leadership and management judgements and provided support to schools, other than her own, in order to improve them rapidly.  The school improvement lead is a practicing OFSTED inspector – inspecting across the North East region.

New for 2018 is the introduction of Trust wide English and Mathematics leads with the remit to raise standards and share best practice across all of our schools and successfully drive their respective networks.

Network Leadership…
A key feature of being part of our Trust family is our strong and successful network approach. Subject and specific networks drive conversation, best practice and the sharing of expertise – leading to genuine improvement across our schools.


A team approach lightens the load and maximises the impact of a ‘lone leader’ – making appropriate consistencies across the Trust that come from a truly ‘bottom up’ approach. A system of continuous improvement that is simultaneously bottom up, top-down and sideways.

Our current networks are both successful and growing! 

New networks are growing, organically, due to our joined up approach to improving our schools from within.  

Examples of work from our networks include: 

  • A new cutting edge reception curriculum for all of our schools.   

  • Clear guidance on pitch and expectation for all of our year groups - including at 'greater depth'.

  • Assessment procedure parity across our school - based on best practice. 

  • Detailed Pupil Premium auditing of all schools.

  • NQT development programme.


Our school improvement team have a coherent and purposeful approach to supporting our schools and their leaders through a clear, dedicated programme across our family. Below are some of the key features of our school improvement offer, alongside the full offer link. 

“Children want the same things we want. To laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained, to be delighted.”

Dr Seuss.

Regular School Visits

No 'Mocksteads' 

Data Consultant Partnership 


External data Review 

School to School Visits 

Safeguarding Support 


Governance Training 

Trust Network Groups

Moderation Sessions

Trust Conferences 

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