About us

Vision and values


Our Trust is driven by a key set of values which are embodied in our daily work, interactions and Trust vision. Our diverse range of schools may differ in many ways - but at our heart we all are all tied together by the below values and vision - it's what makes Lingfield Education Trust the special place that it is to learn, work and visit. 

We aspire for all of our children and staff to achieve their potential. This aspiration permeates in all we do, and all we are as a Trust and individual schools. We want to instil high aspiration into our children – so that they know that their goals can be limitless and barriers to success can be overcome. We want children to carry this belief with them, into their future settings and adult life.

Inclusion is at the heart of Lingfield Education Trust, with the Trust schools leading 5 specialist resource bases and a peripatetic service supporting the additional SEND needs of children across the region. A strong network of schools work together to embody best practice – to ensure that additional funding is used efficiently and purposefully to include all children, all of the time. Our proactive approach to inclusion is vital to the success our schools. Our children must feel the warmth and open arms of a truly inclusive school from the moment they step foot through the doors of our schools.

Our schools and their staff fully recognise that they provide a service to the most valuable asset that our society has – its children. We never shy away from the fact that our families choose our schools – and our servitude to them must be reflected in our actions, approaches and communications. Families trust us with their most treasured possessions – we must make their choice the best choice that they could have made, from day one.

We positively promote the self improving schools culture across all of our schools. All Trust schools play a pivotal role in the network leadership model of school improvement – our schools embrace our networks, opportunities and wider support. We embrace new schools joining our Trust as new family members – and are poised to offer support and capacity in line with our vision and values.

Being Ethical:
Central to our approach to children, families, staff and the wider community is our ethical approach to all we do. We always aim to take all opinions and views in to account – but hold in the highest esteem that the key voice and needs that require the most gravitas are those of our children. When decisions made and approaches taken to benefit our children is the primary driver to the school’s work, we see ourselves as an ethical learning and working environment.

OUR Vision